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Zoo Girls - Bestiality - Zoochan
File: 135815184522.jpg - ( 141.05KB , 927x1200 , Mom\'s Donkey Urge.jpg )
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Let's share our libraries. Feel free to add to this thread

I'm going to start off with a couple of Pdf books that I put together. I included the original doc & rtf text files so you can use Calibre to convert them to what ever format your tablet or ebook reader uses. Calibre is free and available for most operating systems. (links included)

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>> No. 2610
File: zoochan.org_142688684710.jpg - ( 7.86KB , 193x250 , 135815184522s.jpg )
Moms donkey urge? Thats messed up

>> No. 2745
Pls show us gril with don't

>> No. 2746
Pls show us gril with don't

File: zoochan.org_141447351990.jpg - ( 1.20MB , 3648x2736 , 7n6iw7c8xfyb.jpg )
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Just Sharing For fUN

>> No. 2405
File: zoochan.org_141447354455.jpg - ( 67.04KB , 665x659 , mmczwbk8zzvp.jpg )

>> No. 2406
File: zoochan.org_141447356586.jpg - ( 653.98KB , 2294x1536 , tybxplbbn211.jpg )

>> No. 2742
nice pic

File: 135706874635.jpg - ( 34.08KB , 320x427 , 133084766073.jpg )
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Why most of bestiality on the internet is from Brazil? There must be an explanation for that.

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>> No. 2682
Damn man, I'm a bottom, so I like to think my dick is pretty small, but you're making me look huge!

>> No. 2695

Well, I won't get into the reasons behind it, though I would think you can't take money out of the question. Girl wants to do porn to make good money, but she's not pretty enough, or too used up to do regular porn so she goes into beast porn... anyway...

What I want to know is, how is bestiality viewed in your country in general? You say people grow up around farm animals, and the people are over-sexualized, is bestiality and zoo porn still extremely taboo, as it is in most other countries? Or are people's views towards it a little more relaxed, as you can see from all the porn produced there?

>> No. 2725

File: zoochan.org_143500600253.jpg - ( 139.13KB , 1024x540 , zoocrew webcam hd_Snapshot.jpg )
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friends who have this video zoocrew , an angle which is different from the film attached


File: zoochan.org_143432447927.gif - ( 4.55MB , 300x235 , test.gif )
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Dogs and Horses -make girls happy

File: 13644350717.jpg - ( 472.48KB , 1024x768 , 135410667051.jpg )
603 No. 603 hide [Reply]
Yum yum

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>> No. 2595
Does it taste good, honey?

>> No. 2640

>> No. 2700

File: 136240914470.jpg - ( 40.31KB , 398x600 , 135456622653.jpg )
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>> No. 1138
File: 138355943386.jpg - ( 480.22KB , 1024x768 , 0be85a699c160e39a5bce2b0fc04f6ddecda5fa9.jpg )

>> No. 2686

>> No. 2698

File: 138244251455.gif - ( 3.50MB , 444x253 , Fucking dog beside the road.gif )
1090 No. 1090 hide [Reply]
A short clip of a woman fucking and sucking her dog beside a busy road. You can't see it from the sample gif but the video shows cars going by before panning around to the woman.

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