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Zoo Sex Boys - Bestiality - Zoochan
Expand picture: 135318964730.jpg - ( 49.65KB , 1024x768 , 1310917929143.jpg )
44 No. 44 hide quickreply [Reply]
time to put some good pictures in here.

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>> No. 1274

Dude, stop anthropomorphizing, we eat horses but not children. Stop comparing what is not comparable. You're exactly in the bad state of mind, like looking at a underage mare is bad and you should feel bad.

Seriously, you would be a horse breeder or a teenager girl, no one would care at you looking at these pictures. Now you're a grown Caucasian male, and all of a sudden it's CP?

Make up you mind, this is all in your head, what's good, what's wrong, bahda-bahda, I'm still for her dam to make a complain to the police about me looking at her young cunt.

I am such a terrible person to look at pictures, what if... what if I decide to do it in real and look at fillies in the real life? Sun would stop from rising?

Now, back to the topic, fillies' Arsch at full display! Pics or GTFO :)

>> No. 1275

Whoa there, anon, did he touch a nerve with that joke? It's not his fault if you're feeling guilty about jacking it to a filly who's like 8 in human years.

>> No. 1276
Feeling guilty? What is the source of the shame we are supposed to feel when looking at "a filly who's like 8 in human years"? I don't care much about human girls, for that you have, but again, what's wrong about having feelings?

This perpetual low standard moral policy is getting annoying, you have it everywhere, from magazines to movies through radio and TV. And not to speak about religions. This is brainwashing for the masses "Do this, don't do that, feel guilty, ..."

He made a joke that just parrot the common consensus imposed by... who in fact? God? Where is he when His children are fighting all over the world, abusing the poor and letting them die? Morality?

I just asked for filly pics, again I'm served again this moral nonsense on a silver plate. Thanks for the offer, but... not for me.

Expand picture: 137441932371.jpg - ( 230.63KB , 1280x1024 , SD01.jpg )
1 No. 1 hide quickreply [Reply]
Thread for bisexual anything marine related (dolphin,orca,otters,seals,tortoise? etc)

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>> No. 1007
Did Dolph ever do anal play?

>> No. 1255
He deserves to have his life ruined for being an idiot

>> No. 1265
Rule 1: No videos, no pictures, no audio, everyone agrees to deny everything no matter what.

Sadly this is the only way to stay safe. Honestly, I'd rather not have any of this material if it saved Dolph any heartache. I can just imagine the years of anxiety after his content went public. At least he seems to have learned, unless he's still recording 'personal only' stuff, in which case: BAD DOLPH, BAD! The only way to keep hard infosec is to not have any info in the first place!

Expand picture: 135346740424.jpg - ( 579.09KB , 1608x1832 , DSC01345.jpg )
131 No. 131 hide quickreply [Reply]
Why is there not a thread devoted to bitches yet?

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>> No. 1181
Expand picture: 140171812164.jpg - ( 4.65MB , 4608x3456 , IMG_0205.jpg )

>> No. 1182
Expand picture: 140172062297.jpg - ( 4.47MB , 4608x3456 , IMG_0207.jpg )

>> No. 1263
Expand picture: 140579385615.jpg - ( 112.28KB , 1020x1023 , Foto1977-.jpg )

Expand picture: 137372283657.jpg - ( 35.30KB , 538x400 , 092002_013.jpg )
18 No. 18 hide quickreply [Reply]
Why don't we have a gay thread?

87 posts and 79 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1082
Expand picture: 139777929740.jpg - ( 56.49KB , 600x800 , 7851.jpg )

>> No. 1083
Expand picture: 139777942183.jpg - ( 4.13MB , 4608x3072 , DSC_0215.jpg )

>> No. 1261
This thread is great :)
Anyone have any gay wolf content?

Expand picture: 137305425911.jpg - ( 384.33KB , 2025x1788 , 1260360018433.jpg )
29 No. 29 hide quickreply [Reply]
lost 7chan. putting poop here now :)

37 posts and 20 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1246
Bump!!! Love horse tailholes and all the naughty things that can be done with them! ;) Only wish there were more vids of stuff like this...

>> No. 1258
Expand picture: 140520741284.jpg - ( 216.49KB , 560x697 , __hr_34a A S W.jpg )
Holy shit o: That is amazing. Anything else like this? @_@ wow.

>> No. 1259
Is this from a vid?

Expand picture: 140483873743.jpg - ( 58.03KB , 800x600 , 13847302056.jpg )
1254 No. 1254 hide quickreply [Reply]
Anyone got any raccoon pics? Particularly of a human licking and sucking on their beautiful raccoon feet?

Thanks :)

Expand picture: 137885342446.jpg - ( 27.89KB , 500x333 , SessyTyger.jpg )
427 No. 427 hide quickreply [Reply]
Let's have em

17 posts and 13 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1008
Expand picture: 139433180159.gif - ( 1.92MB , 300x249 , vFTKW5h.gif )

>> No. 1009
Expand picture: 139433183940.jpg - ( 48.58KB , 499x627 , youre-a-big-pussy-im-leaving-you-for-a-real-man.jpg )

>> No. 1251
dude must be pretty manly to go and fuck a goddamn tiger

Expand picture: 140368482714.jpg - ( 134.75KB , 640x480 , IMG_1117.jpg )
1243 No. 1243 hide quickreply [Reply]
i always wanted to try a mare but i dont have is anyone willing to allow me have my first mare i stay in jackson ms

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