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Zoo Sex Boys - Bestiality - Zoochan
Expand picture: 135326839335.jpg - ( 53.92KB , 640x784 , 1325884518547.jpg )
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>> No. 1170
Nawet tu o,o

>> No. 1326
kaprecznaja davodnik! ha ha hah...

>> No. 1340
zgniłem xD

Expand picture: 139386131267.jpg - ( 76.80KB , 800x596 , 13937955571934870818.jpg )
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Let's do this post some gifs from the movies by the way you need this to gif, capture the movie

Just found this. Looks fun to use.

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>> No. 1368
Expand picture: zoochan.org_141485550043.gif - ( 3.50MB , 268x159 , 7776.gif )

>> No. 1369
Expand picture: zoochan.org_141485556435.gif - ( 3.04MB , 268x159 , 7777.gif )

>> No. 1370
Expand picture: zoochan.org_141485564859.gif - ( 2.85MB , 268x159 , 7778.gif )

Expand picture: 137305425911.jpg - ( 384.33KB , 2025x1788 , 1260360018433.jpg )
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lost 7chan. putting poop here now :)

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>> No. 1347
Where did you find those videos to begin with?

Unrelated, but I remember a forum site where people discussed this kind of stuff (I think it was just plain scat, but I've seen some related to animals) and I can't for the life of me remember the name of it, all I know is that it was a completely orange background.

>> No. 1352
Zetaforum. Part of Elitezoo, it doesn't exist anymore. Had a section called Raunch you had to negotiate your way into. Almost anything went except pain and blood and dead animals but sucking piss and shit out of animals was fine to post. OPs pic came from there.

There was also a manure lovers section on Tribe dot net. Got expunged with all the other beast groups.

BF supposedly has a raunch section now, but it's been a long time since I've ever been there. Mods were and probably still are assholes and you used to get banned for shit like scat. Now you can pay extra to get into a private room where poop is allowed. Bunch of hypocrites.

I know nothing about Videoszoophila (?) and whether or not it's allowed there. I'm wary of downloading anything these days. Even though it's strictly not illegal where I am there's always alternative laws like interstate trafficking, breach of peace and obscenity and all it takes is some sjw ISP admin and an ambitious prosecutor to fuck up your life.

>> No. 1358
Expand picture: zoochan.org_141438390750.jpg - ( 477.05KB , 1024x684 , 3188134881_a2ae401e01_b.jpg )

What species are these? My guess is cattle for both, but I can't tell for sure.

Attached file is on topic. :)

Expand picture: 138942154795.jpg - ( 343.61KB , 3872x2592 , 7.jpg )
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A little fingering.

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>> No. 958
Expand picture: 139291060678.jpg - ( 2.37MB , 3872x2592 , DSC_0492.jpg )

>> No. 1015

Looks like he had to take a shit. Did he?

>> No. 1351
Good Job stealing my pictures.

Expand picture: 135346740424.jpg - ( 579.09KB , 1608x1832 , DSC01345.jpg )
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Why is there not a thread devoted to bitches yet?

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>> No. 1343
like it

>> No. 1348
can anyone recommend me a page or place where to get all these hot pictures or even videos?

>> No. 1350
My dog won't let me get close to her vagina how can I train her to let me at least finger her

Expand picture: 137441932371.jpg - ( 230.63KB , 1280x1024 , SD01.jpg )
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Thread for bisexual anything marine related (dolphin,orca,otters,seals,tortoise? etc)

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>> No. 1315
Expand picture: 140892836945.jpg - ( 181.17KB , 1582x805 , flickr_1.jpg )

>> No. 1346

>> No. 1349

Expand picture: 137885342446.jpg - ( 27.89KB , 500x333 , SessyTyger.jpg )
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Let's have em

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>> No. 1008
Expand picture: 139433180159.gif - ( 1.92MB , 300x249 , vFTKW5h.gif )

>> No. 1009
Expand picture: 139433183940.jpg - ( 48.58KB , 499x627 , youre-a-big-pussy-im-leaving-you-for-a-real-man.jpg )

>> No. 1251
dude must be pretty manly to go and fuck a goddamn tiger

Expand picture: 137372283657.jpg - ( 35.30KB , 538x400 , 092002_013.jpg )
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Why don't we have a gay thread?

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>> No. 1083
Expand picture: 139777942183.jpg - ( 4.13MB , 4608x3072 , DSC_0215.jpg )

>> No. 1261
This thread is great :)
Anyone have any gay wolf content?

>> No. 1317
Source Video?

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