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Zoo Sex Boys - Bestiality - Zoochan
Expand picture: 137885342446.jpg - ( 27.89KB , 500x333 , SessyTyger.jpg )
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Let's have em

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>> No. 1008
Expand picture: 139433180159.gif - ( 1.92MB , 300x249 , vFTKW5h.gif )

>> No. 1009
Expand picture: 139433183940.jpg - ( 48.58KB , 499x627 , youre-a-big-pussy-im-leaving-you-for-a-real-man.jpg )

>> No. 1251
dude must be pretty manly to go and fuck a goddamn tiger

Expand picture: 137305425911.jpg - ( 384.33KB , 2025x1788 , 1260360018433.jpg )
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lost 7chan. putting poop here now :)

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>> No. 1299
Expand picture: 14068365243.jpg - ( 1.99MB , 2664x4000 , IMG_0142.jpg )

>> No. 1300
Expand picture: 140683654582.jpg - ( 2.37MB , 2664x4000 , IMG_0143.jpg )

>> No. 1308
Awesome. I wish I hadn't lost all my shit when my HD crashed. I had movies where a guy let his gdd shit in his mouth and others eating and fucking cowshit.

Expand picture: 137441932371.jpg - ( 230.63KB , 1280x1024 , SD01.jpg )
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Thread for bisexual anything marine related (dolphin,orca,otters,seals,tortoise? etc)

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>> No. 1302
Does anyone know the best places to get pictures like these? Like shows where the dolphin lifts their tail to the audience, or "dolphin anatomy" lessons and the like?

And what about places to touch dolphins? There are TONS of swim with dolphins programs out there, maybe one wouldn't mind if you got a little touchy-feely?

>> No. 1305

Almost everywhere where you can go interact with dolphins for money they will have a short anatomy lesson. I had one in 2005 and they showed me inside female and male dolphin slits in tenerife close up. It was nice :)

>> No. 1307

Whoaaa nice! Mine didn't have that, just a very unfortunately brief this is a male and this is a female. Would love to look inside. :) Mind sharing which experience this was with?

Expand picture: 135318964730.jpg - ( 49.65KB , 1024x768 , 1310917929143.jpg )
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time to put some good pictures in here.

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>> No. 1309
It is the best, woman can not compare, they are gentle souls and very affectionat, you must treat them with respect

>> No. 1310
is there a demeanor change in the horse towards the person the had sex with it?

>> No. 1312
need moar horse pussy

Expand picture: 135346740424.jpg - ( 579.09KB , 1608x1832 , DSC01345.jpg )
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Why is there not a thread devoted to bitches yet?

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>> No. 1181
Expand picture: 140171812164.jpg - ( 4.65MB , 4608x3456 , IMG_0205.jpg )

>> No. 1182
Expand picture: 140172062297.jpg - ( 4.47MB , 4608x3456 , IMG_0207.jpg )

>> No. 1263
Expand picture: 140579385615.jpg - ( 112.28KB , 1020x1023 , Foto1977-.jpg )

Expand picture: 137372283657.jpg - ( 35.30KB , 538x400 , 092002_013.jpg )
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Why don't we have a gay thread?

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>> No. 1082
Expand picture: 139777929740.jpg - ( 56.49KB , 600x800 , 7851.jpg )

>> No. 1083
Expand picture: 139777942183.jpg - ( 4.13MB , 4608x3072 , DSC_0215.jpg )

>> No. 1261
This thread is great :)
Anyone have any gay wolf content?

Expand picture: 138646896927.jpg - ( 451.33KB , 1024x768 , 6223217160_777bcfc9a4_b.jpg )
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...It goes in this thread.

Old thread:

PS: Somebody please archive it in rar?

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>> No. 1158
Expand picture: 140090432528.jpg - ( 56.18KB , 1024x768 , A-UdxDACEAADaNG_jpg large.jpg )

>> No. 1165
Expand picture: 140102984028.jpg - ( 1.50MB , 2048x1536 , 13392110289.jpg )

>> No. 1201
Expand picture: 140221431665.jpg - ( 94.81KB , 800x600 , 02delfin_ampliacion.jpg )

Expand picture: 139403392285.gif - ( 837.55KB , 281x207 , SnakeFuck.gif )
1006 No. 1006 hide quickreply [Reply]
DRM-free versions of the 4 videos from Caledonian.

[NoDRM]-Mistress Beast and Sasha.wmv 236.6 MB!KQlywJwa!QoevfF2CM_IaqLqBucwYbTpf7a5O1ADhKhdJ9fud45c

[NoDRM]-Python Pleasure.wmv 214.5 MB!uRtFWJyQ!Z8Fu2iP7zmAElz9FuP1U-Gmln6cwtkiAXp07IcsiQSE

[NoDRM]-Snake Scat Love.wmv 99.7 MB!iEFEhK7S!RlIsGioaccIBn8tuVDrmix2LgYcurVXDbNhhhzHVMIk

[NoDRM]-Sweet Sasha.wmv 91.6 MB!iN1gWYhY!V16nLToggKGmtvPwCazXklyEp4lpKIIczw0kbEE0ng4

2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1053
Good to know these videos are still making the rounds. I rented and stripped the DRM from these years ago, then threw them up on the old zetatracker.
IMO Sweet Sasha is the best one. The only flaw is he pulls out to cum. Actually, poor Sasha doesn't get a load in any of these videos.

I'd expect so. The human performers are also in a lot of other videos released by PL/Caledonian, but no other videos with Sasha were ever released.
I wish they were still operational. I'd give the shirt off my back to be with this girl, sexually or not!

>> No. 1179
congratulations - you are one of the turds responsible for them making no money having to shut down along with petlust.

>> No. 1183
Wasn't visa, mastercard and paypal refusing to deal with beasty content that put them out of business ? Or their elitist prices ?

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