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Zoo Sex Boys - Bestiality - Zoochan
Expand picture: 138646896927.jpg - ( 451.33KB , 1024x768 , 6223217160_777bcfc9a4_b.jpg )
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...It goes in this thread.

Old thread:

PS: Somebody please archive it in rar?

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>> No. 1044
thank you!

>> No. 1056
Expand picture: 139690424410.jpg - ( 73.22KB , 800x571 , 109153813_8t6KVmL3_MammalsKey_n0964a.jpg )
cmon peaple... i can't be the only one.. :/

>> No. 1057
Expand picture: 139707297837.jpg - ( 150.57KB , 1800x744 , image.jpg )
I like that because you can see his anus and I'm betting they're both males.

New material is hard to come by, though there has been a little fresh even in this thread. Those that had access either lost it through shear stupidity or clammed up because of them. If you want more material I would suggest going to a marine park before they're all shut down (or at least voided of all their marine mammals) or take up scuba diving.

Expand picture: 137441932371.jpg - ( 230.63KB , 1280x1024 , SD01.jpg )
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Thread for bisexual anything marine related (dolphin,orca,otters,seals,tortoise? etc)

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>> No. 994
Franly speaking, that is a shitty attitude regarding personal info (of others fachrissake!), which should not exist around these spheres at all.

>> No. 1004
Expand picture: 139388522366.jpg - ( 443.53KB , 1024x632 , 135466080576.jpg )
im getting interested,
tell me more ;)

meanwhile, orca AI

>> No. 1007
Did Dolph ever do anal play?

Expand picture: 135318964730.jpg - ( 49.65KB , 1024x768 , 1310917929143.jpg )
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time to put some good pictures in here.

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>> No. 1064
unfortunately it's a short video, that's the whole thing

>> No. 1065
unfortunately it's a short video, that's the whole thing

>> No. 1069
Always wanted a mare but dont know anyone with horses can anyone help?

Expand picture: 139745584814.gif - ( 945.12KB , 216x144 , 139220255149.gif )
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lets get this started

>> No. 1066
Donx :

Expand picture: 135346740424.jpg - ( 579.09KB , 1608x1832 , DSC01345.jpg )
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Why is there not a thread devoted to bitches yet?

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>> No. 959
Expand picture: 139291421317.jpg - ( 617.49KB , 2580x1932 , 101_0001.jpg )

>> No. 1023
Expand picture: 139468413565.jpg - ( 639.37KB , 2304x1728 , 1382938477405.jpg )

>> No. 1059
Expand picture: 139707359493.jpg - ( 3.63MB , 2800x4200 , _R6A0094.jpg )
a dogs butt
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Expand picture: 137305425911.jpg - ( 384.33KB , 2025x1788 , 1260360018433.jpg )
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lost 7chan. putting poop here now :)

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>> No. 923

Fuck off, it's not your place to tell someone how to fuck their mares. I'm glad you, and faggots like you, get kicked the fuck out of BF.

>> No. 925
Yeah, it's better to leave the mindless and careless people to BF :)

>> No. 1058
Expand picture: 139707351085.jpg - ( 3.32MB , 4200x2800 , _R6A0480.jpg )
Dog pee (close up)
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Expand picture: 138173781292.jpg - ( 98.90KB , 636x900 , UNFINISHED_034.jpg )
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This is not the complete set. If any of you have more, please post them in this thread

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>> No. 567
Expand picture: 138174653911.jpg - ( 111.37KB , 636x900 , UNFINISHED_049.jpg )

>> No. 568
Expand picture: 138174655044.jpg - ( 56.08KB , 838x678 , UNFINISHED_121.jpg )

>> No. 633

Expand picture: 139403392285.gif - ( 837.55KB , 281x207 , SnakeFuck.gif )
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DRM-free versions of the 4 videos from Caledonian.

[NoDRM]-Mistress Beast and Sasha.wmv 236.6 MB!KQlywJwa!QoevfF2CM_IaqLqBucwYbTpf7a5O1ADhKhdJ9fud45c

[NoDRM]-Python Pleasure.wmv 214.5 MB!uRtFWJyQ!Z8Fu2iP7zmAElz9FuP1U-Gmln6cwtkiAXp07IcsiQSE

[NoDRM]-Snake Scat Love.wmv 99.7 MB!iEFEhK7S!RlIsGioaccIBn8tuVDrmix2LgYcurVXDbNhhhzHVMIk

[NoDRM]-Sweet Sasha.wmv 91.6 MB!iN1gWYhY!V16nLToggKGmtvPwCazXklyEp4lpKIIczw0kbEE0ng4

>> No. 1033

>> No. 1046
Is Sasha (former Petlust founder) affiliated to Caledonian by any mean?

>> No. 1053
Good to know these videos are still making the rounds. I rented and stripped the DRM from these years ago, then threw them up on the old zetatracker.
IMO Sweet Sasha is the best one. The only flaw is he pulls out to cum. Actually, poor Sasha doesn't get a load in any of these videos.

I'd expect so. The human performers are also in a lot of other videos released by PL/Caledonian, but no other videos with Sasha were ever released.
I wish they were still operational. I'd give the shirt off my back to be with this girl, sexually or not!

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